Some delayed info

Hi there

A little late info from the races in Tong, Great Britain. The reason is that our boat från England to Sweden was cancelled so my minder Calle and I had to stay two more days than planned. Nevertheless now I’m back in Sweden after two good days racing in Tong. I enjoined it very much which makes it much easier to race. Made two good days with good riding but I made some silly mistakes which probably costed me some ranking points. But I wasn’t the only one, talked to Toni Bou and he also thought he had made some silly mistakes. But what about 4 points day one, excellent.

I’ve got some new things to my bike which made it easier to drive. It was my first race with the new things. It took time to get acquainted with these but it got better and better so until next race I’ll hope to manage it to 100 percent.

Now when I’m home I will train for a special competition, the Battle of Vikings 29-30 of July outside Örebro, Sweden. It’s an extremeenduro competition and I have never tried this kind of competition. I once started with motocross so I have some practice. I really look forward to try the Honda Montesa 4RIDE these days.

Maybe we’ll see each other there?