News from Eddie

You haven’t heard much from me for some time but here’s a little update.

Andorra was a tricky one. Many difficulties in the sections and on top, a high altitude. Got a good start position but it was difficult to keep it that way because of the other riders. It isn’t always you can keep the start order during the races because of lack of time and the opponents who wants to start before. This was one of the reasons that I didn’t did better.
Training before the next  race in Lourdes was very good until I got hurt. I made a crash and had to use my right leg to support to not get  a bigger injury. This resulted in a bad knee which affected my riding later. So together with my bad knee and a very difficult race with almost three days rain the result was one of my worst competition this year ( so far :-). I wanted to do so much better which resulted in more injuries and more crashes. Maybe I wanted to much this time.

Now it’s time to recreation, load the battery and prepare for the race in Belgium, Comblain au Pont, 10th of July.

Have a wonderful summer, yours Eddie.

Credit FIM/ Copyright notice © Andy GREIG/ G2F Media Contributor Jake Miller

Credit FIM/
Copyright notice © Andy GREIG/ G2F Media
Contributor Jake Miller